Joint Conference – Plenary Panels

Opening Round Table

Public and Private Sector’s Role in Returning to the Moon and Going Beyond

Space agencies and private companies will present and discuss their planned participation/role in missions such as Artemis with an inclusive round table discussion.

Plenary 1

Communications and Navigation Requirements

An overview of the future Communications Architecture will be given, followed by a description of the communications and navigation requirements of major elements and opportunities offered for commercialization.

Plenary 2

Communications and Navigation Technology Gaps

Technology plans and description of emerging technologies that enable this Integrated Earth/Lunar and Beyond Communications and Navigation Network will be given by leading experts.

Plenary 3

Commercial Industry Role

Commercial industry will share with the audience their novel, new technologies and services that can support space communication and navigation including Near Earth Missions, Lunar Missions (Artemis), and Deep Space Missions.

Plenary 4

Disruption and The Changing Face of the Satellite Industry

The satellite industry has emerged from a period of disruptive change with a changed focus. For four years our panels addressed the sources of disruption and speculated on their impact: LEO Constellations, HTS and its impact on bandwidth pricing, New Space and a new satellite manufacturing paradigm, consumer preferences for video distribution, and the advent of 5G wireless standards that offer the prospect of orders of magnitude service improvements. With two years having elapsed since we speculated on the directions of these changes at our last panel, new service paradigms have taken shape and the old surrogate metrics that stood for the health of the industry no longer apply. The stable ecosystem of the old GEO industry is gone, but a vibrant new, much broader, ecosystem has taken its place. This year we will look at some of the exemplars of the new industry. Join us for a spirited debate about the past, present, and future of the space communications industry.

chris hoeber

Chris Hoeber
CFH Engineering, USA (Consultant for the Communications Satellite Industry)