Joint Conference – Plenary Panels

Artemis and Beyond: Communications and Navigation for Space Exploration

NASA Artemis Mission/Vision Overview

Kenneth Bowersox

Astronaut Capt. Kenneth Bowersox
NASA Deputy Associate Administrator of the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate (HEOMD), USA

Opening Round Table

Public and Private Sector’s Role in Returning to the Moon and Going Beyond

Space agencies and private companies will present and discuss their planned participation/role in missions such as Artemis with an inclusive round table discussion.


  • David Parker, Director of Human & Robotic Exploration Program, ESA, The Netherlands
  • Hiroshi Sasaki, Vice President for International Space Exploration, JAXA, Japan
  • Marco Brancati, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, Telespazio, Italy
  • Sue Horne, Space Exploration Programme Manager, UKSA, UK
  • Phil McAlister, Director of Commercial Spaceflight, NASA, USA

pete vrotsos

Badri Younes
NASA Deputy Associate Administrator for Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN)

Plenary 1

Communications and Navigation Requirements

An overview of the future Communications Architecture will be given, followed by a description of the communications and navigation requirements of major elements and opportunities offered for commercialization.


  • Kota Tanabe, Deputy Director, Space Exploration System Technology Unit, JAXA Space Exploration Center (JSEC), Japan
  • William Carey, ESA, The Netherlands
  • Catherine C. Sham, Spectrum Manager for Human Spaceflight Lunar Programs, NASA, USA
  • James Schier, SCaN Architect, NASA, USA
  • Andy Petro, Lunar Relay Lead, NASA, USA

Greg Heckler

Greg Heckler
Manager, Network Services Division, SCaN Program, NASA, USA

Wael El-Dali

Wael El-Dali
Communication System Engineer at Directorate of Telecom and Integrated Application, ESA, The Netherlands

Plenary 2

Communications and Navigation Technology Gaps

Technology plans and description of emerging technologies that enable this Integrated Earth/Lunar and Beyond Communications and Navigation Network will be given by leading experts.


  • Rajeev Gopal, Hughes, Vice President, Advanced Systems, USA
  • David Gomez Otero, ESA Moonlight/LCNS Technical Lead, The Netherlands
  • Naoto Kadowaki, NICT VP, Japan
  • Marco Lanucara, ESA, The Netherlands
  • Pietro Giordano, Radionavigation Engineer, Directorate of Technology Engineering & Quality, ESA, The Netherlands
  • Dave Israel, NASA GSFC, Chief Architect, Exploration and Space Communications Projects Division, USA

Jason Mitchell

Jason Mitchell
NASA, Advanced Communication and Navigation Technology Division Chief, USA

Richard Morgan-Owen

Richard Morgan-Owen
ESA, Chief TT&C and PDT Section, The Netherlands

Plenary 3

Commercial Industry Role

Commercial industry will share with the audience their novel, new technologies and services that can support space communication and navigation including Near Earth Missions, Lunar Missions (Artemis), and Deep Space Missions.


  • Matthew Cosby, Chief Technology Officer, Goonhilly Earth Stations Ltd, United Kingdom
  • Ruben Nunez, Director of Business Development, KSAT, Norway
  • Massimo Comparini, Deputy CEO of Observation, Exploration and Navigation at Thales Alenia Space, Italy
  • Nelly Offord, Business Manager, Exploration, Surrey Satellite Technology, Ltd., United Kingdom
  • Bernhard Hufenbach, Chief Commercialization and Innovation, ESA, The Netherlands

Eli Naffah

Eli Naffah
Communications Services Program (CSP) Formulation Manager, NASA, USA

James Hinds

James Hinds
CEO OneWeb Satellites, USA

Plenary 4

Disruption and The Changing Face of the Satellite Industry

The satellite industry has emerged from a period of disruptive change with a changed focus. For four years our panels addressed the sources of disruption and speculated on their impact. A vibrant new, much broader, ecosystem has taken the place of the old GEO ecosystem. This year we will look at some of the exemplars of the new industry. 


  • Marco Brancati, Telespazio, Italy
  • Rajeev Gopal, Hughes Network Systems, USA
  • James Hinds, CEO OneWeb Satellites, USA
  • Bernard Edwards, NASA GRC, USA
  • Steve Joseph, Astranis, USA
  • Alessandro Le Pera, Eutelsat, France
  • Rob Singh, SpaceLink, USA

chris hoeber

Chris Hoeber
CFH Engineering, USA (Consultant for the Communications Satellite Industry)