KA Conference History

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The Conference, created to publicize the achievements of the Italsat and ACTS satellites in opening the Ka frequency band for use in satellite communications, has been held every year starting in 1995, each year in a different location.

Over time, the scope of the conference expanded to cover more applications such as Navigation by satellites, space sciences/exploration and remote sensing as well as Low and Medium Earth Orbits (LEO and MEO) constellations of satellites for these applications.

The links below list the cities where the conference was held and provide access to the conference organization, the detailed program and other pertinent information.

Although the Conference Proceedings have not been archived, a full set is maintained by the conference organization and copies of desired papers can be made available if requested. Also, a limited number of Proceedings and companion CD's for some of the more recent conferences are available for purchase by contacting organizingcommittee@kaconf.com.
Since 2014 Proceedings are available online click here